about me

1. My name is Amanda.
2. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.
3. I am LDS. I was baptized January 15, 2011.
4. I graduated with a Bachelor's in sociology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
5. I love Miami University with all my heart.
6. I have a Master's in sociology from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, not Kentucky.
7. I am currently working on my PhD in family and demographic research.
8. My favorite color is purple and pretty much all shades of it.
9. I love animals, especially dogs.
10. I have three pets - a betta fish named Vegas and two dogs: Opie and Maizy.
11. My dogs are my babies.
12. I am the oldest of three children - I have a brother and a sister.
13. I have a passion for children's literature.
14. I'm kind of obsessed with Hugh Jackman.
15. My favorite tv show of all time is Friends.  I watch it all the time.
16. I can relate any situation to an episode of Friends.
17. At this point, I have only ever lived in Ohio (sad, I know).
18. But I hope to move away soon (out of Ohio)!
19. I am a liberal Mormon (yes, we exist!).
20. My favorite movies of all time are The Wizard of Oz and Les Miserables (2012).
21. I am a foodie.  My bestie, Angie, and I love to explore and try new foods everywhere we go.
22. Momedy Sketch is my blogging inspiration.
23. Oh, yeah! I am half Korean, on my mother's side.
24. I was born with an extra thumb (no lie).
25. I no longer have said extra thumb (let's clarify that).

26. I love musicals.
27. I think Rent is my most favorite musical of all time.
28. I have three tattoos.
30. I love spicy food. I crave spicy food. I can out-spice pretty much everyone I know.
31. I love children.  They bring such joy into my life.
32. I love to read.  Grad school leaves little time for leisure reading, but I try to sneak it in when I can.
33. My favorite book of all time is The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.
34. I have a passion for diversity (all kinds).
35. I love travelling.  I have been to New York City, Orlando, Nashville, New Orleans, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and South Korea (though I don't remember since I was so little).
36. I love herbal tea.
37. If it were socially appropriate, I would wear pajamas all day, everyday, everywhere.
38. Even though I suck at bowling, tennis, and a lot of other games, I have a lot of fun playing!
39. I entered college as a journalism major.
40. I teach Sunday School for 13 year olds.
41. I struggle with depression and anxiety.
42. I love to write and it helps me with #41.
43. I get excited for new issues of Real Simple magazine.
44. I am kind of a neat freak and a little OCD about it.
45. I love to decorate and organize and move around my furniture seasonally.
46. I drive a car that is old enough to drive itself and buy cigarettes.
47. I like to collect quotes.
48. I can't watch a movie without popcorn, even if I just ate.
49. My favorite candy is Swedish Fish.
50. But I absolutely love chocolate.

51. I have taught a class of 80 students. Teaching no longer scares me.
52. I was born with Scheuermann's Disease. I deal with back pain daily because of it.
53. I have a high tolerance for pain, so I often have a smile on my face despite #52.
54. I enjoy knitting but can only knit hats and scarves.
55. I love bookstores, used or otherwise.
56. The most peaceful place I have ever been is sitting on a mountain in Utah.
57. I love bread something bad.
58. I love flying. It's a spiritual experience for me.
59. I wish I could be a race car driver.
60. If I could do anything, I would want to write and direct films.
61. I am blessed to be friends with people who make the world a better place.
62. I love office supplies.
63. I could spend an entire day in Ikea or The Container Store and be quite content.
64. I worked at a Donatos Pizza for three years while in college.
65. I want to adopt a child one day.
66. I don't like ketchup or ranch dressing.
67. My favorite hymn is Be Still, My Soul.
68. I don't like seeing the colors red and yellow together because it reminds me of ketchup and mustard.
69. I get more done between 7am and 12pm than any other time of day.
70. I like to cook for my friends.
71. I like my friends to cook for me.
72. I am a multitasker. In fact, I am watching Downton Abbey as I write this.
73. My favorite features of myself are my hair and my smile.
74. I love folksy indie music.
75. My favorite singer is Ray LaMontagne and he is awesome live.
76. I have worked in three different libraries.
77. I wear nerdy glasses and I love them.
78. I love Sunday naps on the couch with my babies.
79. I miss Cincinnati food all the time.
80. I most often crave tofu pad thai or tofu lettuce wraps from Yat Ka Mein in Cincinnati.
81. I don't like the color pink but had to give that up when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.
82. My favorite ice cream is Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip.
83. I like the PBS Kids show Arthur and still watch it from time to time.
84. My favorite flowers are tulips.
85. I'm a Potterhead.
86. I never believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.
87. As a child, I would not play with dolls, only stuffed animals.
88. In the 7th grade, I advanced to the regional Spelling Bee competition.
89. I graduated with a over a 4.0 in high school.
90. Jean Claude Van Damme inspired me to start writing fiction when I was 11 with his portrayal of Guile in Street Fighter (you can't make this stuff up).
91. When I was 16, a grapefruit-sized tumor was removed from behind my uterus and it had eaten one of my ovaries. So just like my mom, I have one ovary.
92. I had carpal tunnel surgery when I was 19.

If you ask me a question with a comment, I will add my answer here!

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