Friday, May 3, 2013

nablopomo day 3 -- comfort: which would you rather have: a super-soft pillow or a warm, fuzzy blanket?

Which would you rather have: a super-soft pillow or a warm, fuzzy blanket?

While both are very desirable in my household, I want to let you in on a secret of mine...

I'm kinda obsessed with pillows.

And I'm not talking the 2 for $5 Target deal plush pillows from the back-to-school sales... I'm talkin' crazy, costs-more-than-a-tank-of-gas pillows.

I was born with spine issues and I experience a lot of back and neck pain because of it.  For me, comfort in not a luxury, but a necessity.  My bed is an example of extreme comfort.  I have a decent mattress, but that's topped with a cotton mattress cover, then a three inch memory foam topper, then a special Iso-Cool mattress pad that keeps the bed cool so I never overheat at night.  It's pretty sweet. Then, there are the pillows.

I have a half-memory foam, half-standard pillow that cost me a pretty penny.  The memory foam is nice and firm - it's the best.  This is what I prefer to sleep with most days.

Then I have the mini buckwheat pillow.  Yes, it's a mini pillow filled with buckwheat that cost me another pretty penny.  This one is good for neck issues.  It is also my special travel pillow.  Once, in Minneapolis, I left my buckwheat pillow in my hotel room and paid a cabbie $20 to get me to the hotel and back in time to board my bus to leave Minneapolis.  It was totally worth it.  No way I was giving up my buckwheat pillow.

Then I have the ridiculously pricey chiropractic water pillow.  It's the weight of a small child, but is also good for neck and back issues.  Yes, it is filled with water and I had to fill it myself.  It comes with a little funnel and you fill it to your desired level of water.  It is so heavy, it does not move on my bed.  If it has moved, someone has purposefully lifted and moved it.  My dogs don't really use that pillow.

I'm the kind of girl that sleeps with two dogs and five pillows in a full bed.  I like to be surrounded in comfort.  I am not above paying $100 on a pillow that I think will offer me extreme comfort.  I know it's crazy, but it's crazy worth it for me.

Have you ever spent crazy amounts of money for a deluxe version of something standard for the sake of comfort?  I'm sure we all have...

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  1. Wow! I thought I was into a good pillow. I have nothing on you! We have two goose down pillows in our bed that our neighbour gave us when her mom was getting rid of them...10 years ago. I'm sure they are soooooo gross and germy but I love them. They are very comfy. I have never spent more than $5 on a pillow, but I do obsess way more over pillows than blankets. Apart from my iPhone I don't think I've ever bought something deluxe that you can get standard. And we only got the iPhone because it was free at the time. Now I feel deprived ;)