Saturday, May 4, 2013

love.this.update. -- maizy + on getting dirty

Here's the latest on Miss Maizy:

Poor girl.  Maizy got spayed yesterday.  She's feeling pretty awful.  She's puked quite a few times and had a lot of trouble getting comfortable.  She whimpered a lot yesterday, too.  Though she is three years old, she sounds not a day older than a newborn puppy when she cries.  I can't wait for her to feel better.  I swear I was having sympathy pains for her yesterday.  All of a sudden I felt really sick and woozy for her.  I'm sure the post-operation smell didn't help any.  Here's to a quick recovery to my baby girl.  One step closer to adoption!

On getting dirty...

I've never been one to like dirt.  I'm a really clean person, kinda OCD about it sometimes.  I've never liked to be dirty in any way.  In the past, I have thrown away clothing because it has touched something that I thought was disgusting (I used to be pretty ridiculous about it).  It's mostly a human germ thing.  I'm no Howie Mandel, but there is a point where human germs kinda really freak me out and there is a point where it doesn't.  Now that I think about it, I'm pretty inconsistent.  Plus... animal germs (at least dog germs) don't really bother me at all.  That's true love, haha.

I didn't like to sweat.  For the longest time, aside from being lazy, I didn't like working out because I didn't want to be sweaty.  Honestly now, I use sweat as a sign that I am working hard.  I want to sweat.

I still wash my hands a lot but I'm not so afraid to get dirty.  This sounds really "no-duh!" but I really equate getting dirty with hard work.  For example, Wednesday and Thursday, I spent a great deal of time gardening!  That's right.  Me.  Garden.  Dirt.  Sun.  Bugs.  Ripping roots out of the ground.

My friends and I decided to start a vegetable garden behind my soon-to-be home (I move the first week of June - so excited!).  The space back there was a garden, but one that had been taken over by weeds and pretty much left to its own devices.  It was a mess.

Pause.  Let me just say here that I have never been able to keep a plant alive in my life.  My mother has a green thumb and can grow anything.  I did not inherit the talent of growing food out of the ground.  I did, however, inherit the talent of eating food, and eating a lot of it, thanks to my father and my lack of will power.

Time in.  So this space was a complete disaster.  It wasn't being used.  Okay, there were a few flowers (gorgeous, by the way), but overall, this space was just waiting to be made over.  So my friend, who is from Idaho, and I went to work the ground in hopes of making a lovely veggie garden.

I really wish we had taken a before shot because this space looks amazingly different from what we started with.  Now, instead of grass and weeds and ivy and creeping myrtle, we have rows and rows and mounds of veggies planted.  Carrots, onions, beans, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, red potatoes, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and herbs (strawberries too!).  It was the most satisfying thing to be sore and dirty this week, knowing that my efforts contributed to a garden that I will hopefully be eating from soon.  That is money saved and health gained!

It's been a process, starting with Hurricane Katrina, I guess.  The first time I ever really got dirty and didn't mind was when Angie and I went on our Jewish Alternative Spring Break in 2009.  We went to New Orleans and legit built a fence for a precious old man on Dauphine in Holy Cross.  He wanted his grandbabies to feel safe in his backyard.  Katrina had chewed up his fence and spit it back out.  It was a week of the hardest work I had ever done.  Short, cold showers in nasty places.  Millions of bug bites.  Sleeping in uncomfortable places... it was perhaps the most uncomfortable I'd ever been (I'm not really a camping person).  Angie and I, when faced with uncomfortable situations like showering in strange/gross places (not that this happens often) remind ourselves of that week all the time.  We often tell each other "if we could do it in NOLA..."

 Knowing that my work was purposeful and charitable kept me going.  I was helping children find safety after the storm.  Literally.

Speaking of "literally"...

I just had to mention that I love Parks and Recreation. I've been avoiding watching it for years because I thought it was too much like The Office, but it really isn't.  I like it better.  I love The Office, but I feel that Parks and Rec is more realistic, and somehow that makes it funnier.  I love Ron Swanson.  Pretty sure he is my favorite character.  If you want a good laugh, like I have needed as of late, watch Parks and Recreation.

And speaking of good laughs, I cannot wait for the new Arrested Development episodes to come out!  Yay for awesome tv!

(Ok, my reading streak has been over, but for good reason.  It'll come back soon.  Promise.)


  1. Hooray for getting your hands dirty in the soil! It really is the best feeling (other than eating food you grew yourself, which is STUPIDENDOUS :) I am excited for you. I'm anxious to get my Idaho boy and the rest of us out there working on ours!

  2. PS: hope Maizey is feeling much better today! Poor girl!