Monday, May 27, 2013

love.these.apps. -- apps for dog lovers

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope everyone will have a relaxing, enjoyable day and keep those who have served in their hearts.

I love my iPhone.  Yes, it is just an iPhone 4, nothing fancy and no Siri, but I love it.  I gave up my camera because I never have it on the fly to take pictures, but I always have my iPhone.  I use it for just about everything... it's the best multitool (okay, my mini Leatherman is pretty handy too... with these powers combined, I can do anything!).  And when I say everything, I mean it.  I even have apps for my dogs!  Here is a list of iPhone apps for dog lovers - things that I have found useful and awesome to have in my pocket.

By the way, these apps are in no particular order.  

1.  Pets+ The Pet Organizer.  This one, especially if you have multiple pets like I do, is a must-have.  It's basically a dossier for your babies.  I store all their records and information in this handy app, such as their birthdate, vet information, shot records, adoption information, food information, and even photographs!  There are other apps like this on the market, but I think this one is the best.  It's very easy to use and has a clean, uncluttered look.  It only costs $1.99.  It comes in handy when you need to track medication and heartworm prevention, but for those who have lost a pet (or will lose a pet, an event none of us want to experience), it's a great go-to for lost-dog information.  It also offers links to dog services and dog-friendly locations (though I wouldn't use this app solely for this purpose).  They must have an app like this for children, right?  I love how the iPhone can store information we used to pack into our wallets or lose in file cabinets.  Quick and easy to find, and organized, just the way I like it!

2.    Where My Dogs At.  This app is a cool one that you can use to connect with other WMDA users as well as locate dog-friendly places in your area.  I happen to live in a not-so-dog-friendly locale so nothing really pops up for me, but it does list vets and pet stores.  This would be really useful if you lived in a city or other cool place.  Hopefully I will get more use out of this one in our next hometown.

 3.  Petfinder.  I used Petfinder's website to find my baby girl Maizy.  I had no clue then but you can get Petfinder on the go!  It's a sweet little app that allows you to find pets by organization or location.  It gives you all the information you would have from the website.  If you are looking to give someone a furever home, this is the app for you!

4.  MapMyDogWalk.  If you want to record walks with your furry family, this is a good one.  Just like MapMyRun, it logs distance and calories.  You can even network with others in this app.

5.  Dogbook.  I personally don't use this one (I'm not a Facebook user anymore), but if you are an avid Facebook user and think your dog should have their own profile, you might want to check this app out.

These are just a few of the many apps for dog lovers.  Many of them do a lot of the same things, so it is really a matter of you testing them out and seeing which you like best.  Like I said, I don't use Dogbook, but if I was still a Facebook user, I probably would use it (admittedly).  

Please feel free to comment if you know of a good dog app that I have not mentioned here.  Share the love!


  1. Don't forget SlimDoggy to help keep your dog fit and healthy!

  2. These are awesome! I have never heard of these, so I will be looking into them. Thanks for sharing.