Friday, April 5, 2013 -- goodreads

One of the things I wanted to do to help make me happier was read more fiction.  So I did.  I stopped buying books, I went to the library, and just checked out a ton of books.  To be fair, some of them are non-fiction, but they don't have anything to do with what I do for a living.

And I started devouring them.  Namely, I devour James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series which isn't necessarily good literature by any means, but completely captures me.

I had joined Goodreads last year and then kind of forgot about it.  Not many people I knew were members so suggestions didn't come so easily.  When I made the commitment to read more, I logged back in and lots of my friends have joined at this point.

I really like Goodreads because it is a great way to keep track of what I have read and what I want to read. It's neat to see friends' reviews of books - it helps me gauge what I might like to read and what to stay away from.  Why I really love this website, though, is because it really encourages me to read and reminds me that reading makes me happier.

I do a lot of reading everyday.  I'm a grad student, for cryin' out loud.  But no longer to I get to enjoy a literary escape from real life.  They kept my head above water when I was a kid.  Ain't nothin' stressin' me out while I'm trying to solve a murder with Lindsay Boxer!

Anyway, if you love reading and have yet to check this website out, do it.  It brings me joy.

Oh!  Another thing that brings me joy, loosely related to this, is that public libraries offer e-books and Overdrive audio mp3 books.  Just this past week I listened to two audiobooks on my iPad, delivered from my local library system through the internet in just minutes!  I love technology.  Yes, I love the physical book, the pages, the smell, the presence of it in my bag, but sometimes I can't choose what I want to read.  I'm in the middle of 5 to 7 books at any given time.  I never know what I'm in the mood for.  Sometimes I start reading a book and decide that it's really a different book I want to be reading or need to be reading at that moment.  Being able to borrow e-books or audiobooks on my iPad lets me carry many, many books with me without all the bulk and back problems.

And e-books are eco-friendly!!!

For a while, I was averse to libraries only because I had worked in them for so long.  Nothing like working someplace to spoil your love for it.  I am thankful that my aim for increased happiness has reinstated my passion for reading and libraries.  I never stopped loving them, but I really needed to rehab myself.

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