Friday, April 5, 2013

love.this.product. -- barkbox

If you've been keeping up with me, you've realized that here, there's a little bit for the human and a little bit for the canine.  I have two dogs, Opie and Maizy, and they are quite possibly the best parts of my life.  I adore them so much and, as any dog does to their parent/master/owner, they adore me too.

This blog truly is about love, happiness and joy.  You might be confused as to why I write about products here.  A couple reasons: 1) There are things I find on the internet that I don't want to forget; 2) I want to share things I find with other people who have similar interests and/or needs; 3) Okay, and a third reason... As minimalist as I am going and as much as I am learning that things do not make me happy, there are some products that do make me smile, make life easier, encourage me to do better, etc.  So... things can make me happy.  The point is that they stay a small part of what makes me happy.

Anywho... really excited about this - BarkBox.  I think I might subscribe this summer just to see what it is all about.  Basically, as the website says, it delivers a "monthly box of dog goodies."  Free shipping.  As low as $19/month.  10% supports rescue groups.  Sounds all good to me.  Anyone who knows me and anyone who is a doggie parent like I am knows that $19/month spent on the babies is pennies.  I spend waaaay more on Opie and Maizy than $19 and what BarkBox could send me would be a better value than what I buy sometimes.  Honestly, I've bought my dogs $17 dollar toys before.  That's right, $17 for ONE toy.  Granted, you must pull out the big buck to pay for the toys that suit "powerful chewers" like my lovelies, but still... the BarkBox offers more than one toy.  It's worth a shot.

Because I view and treat my dogs as my family, as my children, I am always grateful when I find services like these.  It means that there are more people out there like me who care about their dogs like I do.  Let's face it.  I'm a 26 (almost) year old graduate student who wishes she was married and had kids, but does not.  My babies are my dogs and they give me joy.  A lot of people, especially those who are not "animal people," think this is weird and/or crazy, but... don't judge what brings someone joy.  Unless it's illegal... but still... don't judge.

Sometimes I judge myself for what gives me joy.  Last week, I was catching up on Glee and I watched the last episode, Guilty Pleasures, and it was quite funny what they exposed as their guilty pleasures... Barry Manilow, for example.

I'm not gonna lie, I still belt out Britney Spears when she's on the radio... or pops up on my iPod in shuffle mode... but my real guilty pleasures are treating my dogs as I would my children.

A little while ago, I bought Maizy a t-shirt at TJMaxx that I had to have simply because it made me laugh out loud.  It said "It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone."


I'm glad I'm not alone in my adoration of my dogs, haha.

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