Saturday, April 20, 2013

love.this.morning. -- cuddling with dogs and words

After a brief period of down-ness and a hiatus from my reading, I am back to devouring books. I work in a couple of hours and since I have been awake (for a couple of hours) I have been warm and cozy in my bed beneath my mother's soft, crocheted blankets, which I love, and cuddled against Opie and Maizy.

I realized the other day that I am becoming the person I want to be, slowly but surely. I have grown a lot in the past year and though sometimes painful, it has definitely been worth it. Yes, there are many things I wish that I was that I am not yet, but I am getting there.

I am a person who devours books and makes weekly trips to the library. I am also a person who loves loves loves dogs and every joy that they bring to life. I didn't think I could love dogs any more than I already did, but I do now. I have been reading memoirs by Julie Klam about her experiences in dog rescue and I am inspired to participate in this kind of work when I am settled.

Opie and Maizy are my constants. They keep me going and they keep me happy. They entertain me, they love me, they need me, they are loyal to me... They have saved me as much as I have saved them, if not more, and that seems to be a theme among those who devote their lives to dog rescue. I think I am that kind of person. My dogs' well-being has become a passion and I really do hope to expand that to more dogs in the future, regardless if they are mine. So long as I have my core canines, Opie and Maizy, I think I can spread the love and be a good foster. Sure, it will break my heart ten thousand times over to part with my foster doggies, but would I be a good foster mommy if it didn't???

Another person I have become is an introvert. I never thought of myself to be an introvert before, but definitely so now. I am not sure that it is something I wanted to become, but it is working for me. I am finding peace and contentment here. There is something about the quiet of reading a good book while 70 pounds of dog is piled on top of you. I am not so bothered by silence anymore. I actually quite appreciate it. Silence used to drive me crazy and I would always have the television on in the background to accompany my thoughts. Now I am ok with just my thoughts. The tv is rarely ever on and I like it that way. Oh, sure, I get my entertainment's worth. I am caught up on practically every tv show I watch (ashamedly so). But I no longer consume television in ginormous quantities. I have replaced that with reading, something I used to do quite frequently.

I love this.

The birds are chirping outside and I hope that means it is warmer today than it was yesterday, though I am not sure.

Reading was not on my to-do list for today (is it ever on any to-do list?) but i feel quite accomplished anyway. It's a good feeling and motivates me to use this Saturday to its fullest. I know I will be rewarded in the end because tonight, I am going to see a fabulous show with fabulous friends. I will come home, tend to my babies, and then slip into bed for a fulfilling rest before the Sabbath.

Tomorrow, I will feel wonderful, I just know it.

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  1. :) Rescuing dogs is definitely a reciprocal blessing. We got the best dog in the world that way and I can't imagine being without her but I do know that any future dogs who join our family will always be rescues. I know you will be a wonderful blessing to any dog who is lucky enough to be fostered by you!