Tuesday, April 16, 2013

love.this.dog. -- maizy update

Today was a big day for Maizy.  Today she was tested for heartworms again.  She was tested for heartworms before and it was negative, so they put her on heartworm prevention.  After three rounds of heartworm prevention, she had another test and it was negative.  She is officially heartworm free.  This means that as soon as she is out of heat (yeah, it's been fun) she will be spayed and the adoption will be official.  This has been quite a lengthy process; at least it's never taken me this long to adopt a pet.  Well, I've only done this once before and Opie was a puppy and not special needs.  In any case, the Wood County Humane Society has been AMAZING.  Thanks to Megan and Ariana for all the great care and love they've given to Maizy.  She loves seeing them whether it be in town or at the Humane Society.

Here is my sweet little girl with her celebratory sign that Auntie Megan made for her.  (Notice the little pink thing on her backside?  Yeah, that's a diaper.)  

We (Opie included) left WCHS and went to PetSmart to pick up some presents.  Opie and Maizy both got Smart Bones (rawhide alternative) and brand new laser-engraved name tags by TagWorks.  Maizy's name has already worn off the original tag I got her when she first came home with me.  These new tags are not supposed to wear down.  They were quite happy, but wiped out after a long day of tests and traveling.

The Wood County Humane Society is participating in the Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge.  As it states on WCHS's website, "A total of 247 prizes, including $100,000 in grants, as well as prizes of vaccinations and pet beds in the U.S., will be given to eligible rescue organizations as part of this Shelter+ Challenge.  The grand prize will go to the eligible Petfinder.com organization with the highest accumulation of votes for the duration of the Challenge as specified in the rules.  Voting ends April 28th."  Please help WCHS by voting daily here.  Make sure you vote for "Wood County Humane Society."  Tell all your friends and just take a moment each day to vote from ALL your devices!!!

I love my Maizy so dearly and want to advertise as much as possible for the Wood County Humane Society.  They do such great work and are wonderful people.  Please go to their website here to find information on all their events.  They have quite a bit going on this spring!

Show some love!

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