Saturday, March 2, 2013

love.this.progress. -- did i just do that?!

Okay, so in the name of taking control of my finances and going all minimalist (as I define it), I just did some drastic things... things that are drastic for me!

I canceled my Next Issue account - $14.99/mo.

I canceled my Picmonkey account - $4.99/mo.

I canceled my Netflix account - $7.99/mo.

I canceled my Hulu Plus account - $7.99/mo.

I stopped making monthly massage appointments - $45/mo.

That's a total savings of $80.96 a month!

I was really struggling with canceling Netflix and Hulu Plus because I do use them a lot.  But I came to a couple conclusions that made it easier to cut the cord:

1.  I have an Amazon Prime pre-paid account that offers a lot of things I can watch.

2.  I can still watch things on Hulu that are not Plus-required.

3.  Along with #2, having the internet still leaves me a lot of entertainment.  I can't get rid of the internet, so that's definitely a plus!

4.  Whether or not you believe me, I would get monthly massages for health reasons.  Right now, I just can't afford it.

5.  Next Issue is wonderful but I really haven't had a ton of time to go through all those magazines!

6.  I really like Picmonkey a lot, especially using it for this blog, but it really is unnecessary.

I am wanting the above changes to do two things: (1) to save money, of course, and (2) to give me more time to focus on the things that really matter.  As I've mentioned, I really need to work on my spiritual discipline.  Without distractions like Netflix and Hulu, I should be quite successful.

For a second there, I was bummed that I was losing a lot of sources for my entertainment, but then I realized how much it was contributing to my new lifestyle and I got excited.  We'll see how this goes -- I don't expect things to be great all the time, but if I can live without Facebook, and sugar, and bread... there must be a lot more I can live without!

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