Saturday, March 2, 2013 -- making progress

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." -- Benjamin Franklin

I have a few life projects going on at the same time.  It's risky to have so much change going on at once, but it's actually working for me right now.

 My diet is going well.  Since I've started, I have lost 13.5 pounds and dropped a pant size, which is pretty great.  My progress has given me a lot of motivation to push through.  This hCG thing is not the most ideal way to lose weight but it is working for me and helping me reset myself.  I can live without sugar, oil, butter, and popcorn and cheese and chocolate.  And bread... oh, bread.  I can live without these things and not go insane.  That's pretty amazing to me.  I only get hungry when it's time to eat and my cravings are infrequent, though they are usually for chocolate or cake.  I've only given in to craving once and had a little bit of cheese, but I didn't let my disappointment wreck the whole effort.

It's only been a day or so since I started the Momedy Sketch Community Challenge but I am doing well.  We'll take small wins here.  Since yesterday, I have only spent $3 on parking, which was unnecessary, but I have been very good.  I got paid yesterday and today and have not gone shopping for anything (yay me!).  My goals for today are to balance my checkbook, pay my bills, and make my budget for the month.  When I know I've been bad, balancing my checkbook is scary and I always put it off to the last minute.  Today, I'm pushing that fear aside and tackling the task.

Since I've had Maizy, I've been much better at spending time with my babies.  Life gets so busy and I am so often on my computer working that they are left to their own devices and it slips my mind that they might feel unloved.  I've been walking them, cuddling them, and playing with them more.  Of course, it's boosted my happiness and I am sure it has boosted their happiness.  It's going to be sad when I drop them off to their respective babysitters for my vacation.  I hope they don't feel I'm abandoning them.  I'm experiencing mother's guilt.  This happens every time I am away from home without them.

Although my friend Kristin's trip to see me got canceled last minute due to her car breaking down, since starting this blog, my happiness has been high and steady!  This is the goal!  The positive changes I am making are making a positive impression on me.  For the win!

My spiritual effort has been lacking lately, despite my happiness.  I think that working on this problem will not so much increase my happiness, because it is pretty high right now, but boost my joy!  Since I've started this blog, there's been a lot of talk about happiness and not much, if anything, on love and joy.

Joy is highly related to happiness, but I don't view it as a synonym.  I feel like joy is something beyond happiness.  Happiness can be contentment and to me, contentment can equate to a mediocre life.  There's nothing wrong with that at all.  Mediocre isn't necessarily bad, but I feel like there is so much untapped potential in all of us that our lives don't have to stop at mediocre.  Life can be, and is supposed to be, wonderful and brilliant and spectacular!  (Can you tell I'm an optimist???)  And that's where joy steps in.  It's like another level of happiness more connected to spirituality... at least, this is what I think about joy.  Your definition might be different, and that's okay!

What am I going to do to increase joy in my life?  I need to read my scriptures every day.  I need to pray more often.  I need to include Heavenly Father in my decisions.  I need to have more faith.  I'm not experiencing a spiritual crisis or anything, but I have become lazy.  This is bad bad bad.  Laziness does not lead to progress.  Success is not born of laziness.

Taking the temperature of my life right now... life is great!  I'm going to California next week, I have goals, I am making progress on my goals... there are few things in life that could be better and those few things are things that I have a hand in.  I need to take control of those things that I have let loose in my life.  Reel them in, dust them off, and get them into shape.

I'm ready and willing.  I'm motivated!

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