Friday, March 15, 2013

love.this.goal. -- taking stock of myself

I went on a little jog today for the first time in a long while.  I took Opie and Maizy with me and we just darted up and down the parking lot.  It felt good.  It felt good because (1) I have lost some weight and it is easier to jog, and (2) I've been feeling all this pent up energy and need to get rid of it.  I want it to be just a tad bit warmer, then it would be perfect.  The dogs really enjoy it though.  I want to enjoy jogging like my dogs enjoy running.  They just seem joyful.  I want to associate jogging/running with joy.

I have a new goal.  Angie wants us to do the Cincinnati Color Palooza at the end of June.  I want to do it too.  It looks great fun and I have been dying to do another event with my dearest Ang.  The miles between us prevents us from being able to participate in these sorts of events together, but we try to get together when we can.  I am really proud of Angie.  She has conquered so much lately.  She has gone from a couch potato, like me, to an extremely active person.  That is my goal - to be an active person.  I want "active" to be one of my descriptive words.

Just do it.  That's the hardest part, is getting off my lazy butt and just doing it.  But like anything else, desire helps.  I never used to have a desire to get up and go running, but I do now.  Without that desire, how miserable would it be?

I am not a very disciplined person, unfortunately.  Well, in many ways I am and in many ways, I am not.  When it comes to fitness... very undisciplined.

This is where I am at...

I am 25, going on 26.
I am single and have made peace with that fact for the time being.
I have two precious dogs that are my constant support.
I will be 30 in a short number of years.
I have the ability to be healthy and fit.
My life is my own.
I am done with my coursework.
I have a very flexible schedule.
I have the power to be who I want to be.

I'm going to repeat that... I have the power to be who I want to be.  There will be a time in life where I will not have all of these things.  Basically, I'm drilling it into my brain that the time is now to do what I need to do  for my life success.  I don't have things holding me back anymore.  I've addressed so much in the past year or so.

I have my own country - it's time to stick a flag in it and draw up the constitution.

I know, this has really just been a rambling.  I just keep thinking "The time is now. The time is now. The time is now."  Life is short, peeps.  I'm feelin' it.

I have the power to be who I want to be.  That's an amazing thing right there.  So who do I want to be?

1.  I want to be a dog lover.  Check.
2.  I want to appreciate and strive to live a green life.  Check.
3.  I want to be an active person, seizing opportunities to contribute to my health.  In progress.
4.  I want to be financially fit.  In progress.
5.  I want to socialize with people who inspire me.  Check.
6.  I want to always be in the middle of a good book.  Check.
7.  I want to be a light for those around me.  In progress.
8.  I want to be a role model for youth.  In progress.
9.  I want to read my scriptures and embrace the Spirit daily.  In progress.
10.  I want to talk to someone new every day.  In progress.
11.  I want to do something positive for someone every day.  In progress.

Is this really a list of who I want to be?  How do you make lists like that?  Do I even know who I am right now?  I am definitely in transition.  I can feel it in so many ways - physically, mentally, spiritually.

Forgive this mess.  Perhaps I will have a more fluid, eloquent post later on.  But what this all really boils down to is the following:


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