Thursday, February 28, 2013

love.this.human. -- angie edition

Meet Angie, the most inspiring person I know.

For seven years, Angie's uncle was my pediatrician and we did not know each other.  On my last doctor's visit before college, my doctor asked me where I was going.  "Miami University."  He said that his niece was going to Miami too and that we should hook up sometime.

I know I've kicked Facebook out of my life, but I do have to thank Mark Zuckerberg for this... I looked Angie up and friended her, asking if she was the niece of my doctor.  When she replied and said that she was, in fact, the person I was looking for, we started a friendly exchange and over the course of our first semester at Miami University, tried to meet for lunch or dinner or a show.  Things didn't work out.

Second semester, I was sitting in my Spanish 201 class and a girl walks in the door (I think she was late, which is likely, but I could be making that up).  She looked familiar.  "Is that Angie?" I thought.

After class I approached her and from that point on we became fast friends. Sophomore year, we lived in the same dorm.  Senior year, we ended up living in an on-campus apartment with two others - one, our good friend Lauren.  She is the friend I have had the longest and she has been by my side through everything.  She's a saint for that alone.

Why Angie inspires me (in no particular order):  

1.  She appreciates everything and everyone and shows that everything and everyone has something about them to be appreciated.

2.  She is a funky, 80s revival kinda girl.

3.  She isn't afraid to stand out.

4.  She is very open about her struggles with the purpose to help others.

5.  She is so generous and charitable.

6.  She has awesome taste in music.

7.  Every conversation we have, we end up laughing.  She is one of the most cheerful people I know.

8.  She cries at everything, even commercials.  It's a testament to her empathy.

9.  She has room for everyone in her life.

10.  She appreciates and supports diversity of all kinds.

11.  She practices and encourages personal growth and never gives up.

12.  She'll try anything once.

13.  She's just so damn fun.

14.  She's thoughtful and full of purpose.

15.  She's the embodiment of all that is positive in this world.

These are only 15 of a thousand ways Angie inspires me.  I owe this girl so much.  When I entered college, I was small-minded, shy, and judgmental.  Angie is responsible for so much of my growth and I am forever grateful to her.  Pretty much every good quality I have has been because of her wonderful example.  She is strong and has the biggest heart.  She's hilarious and always makes me smile.  Much of my happiness is due to her presence in my life.

Everyone should have a friend like Angie.  She makes the world a better place.


  1. I am touched, and truly blushing! Your words are too kind, my dear friend. I love the story of the birth of our friendship. It has changed and morphed in so many ways over the past seven years (yikes; we're old!), and it continues to be a stable force in my life. When I need to escape for a minute or to vent, I call you. I'll always think of "Rent" as the quintessential example of our friendship, namely because we both had opinions about it formed by our upbringing, and then those opinions also morphed and changed, by way of getting to know more about ourselves, and the world around us. You've seen me grow during my college years, which are just the most special time a person grows and learns about themselves, and it's a link I share only with a handful of other people. Thank you for this post. It was nice to read nice things about me. I don't like always having to be the person to notice them. ;o) I think if you can make a list like this about yourself, too, you will find that you are also, inspiring. Love you!

    By the way, my favorites are 1, 7, 8, 9, and 12. :)

  2. You're the best! Love you!!!