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I will admit, I am quite a spontaneous person.  I have an intense need to plan, knowing full well things will not go as planned.  Sometimes my spontaneity has gotten me into trouble (of the retail therapy kind), but some spontaneous moments in my life have brought me great joy and happiness.  My best example is Opie.  Adopting him was a greatly spontaneous moment in my life.  This weekend was a bit of a repeat...

I have been dying to adopt a second dog for years.  For one, I love animals.  I currently have 1 fish, 1 tortoise, and as of tomorrow, 2 dogs.  I just love them and if money were no object, I would have many, many more.  Secondly, it makes me sad to leave Opie all alone at home.  I have come to realize that adopting two animals at once is often a good idea.  I want Opie to have a companion.

Enter Maizy.

Last week, I visited the Wood County Humane Society on a whim.  They only really had large dogs, ones that I would not be able to keep in my apartment.  I was there for no more than ten minutes.  A couple days later, I was searching on Petfinder because I got it in my mind that the time was now to get a second dog.  I happened upon Athena, who was at the Humane Society, but I hadn't paid much attention to her listing because she was a special needs animal.  Her back left femur was broken and it was in a cast with a rod.  I got to thinking that I could take care of a special needs animal.  My heart was in it.  I visited the Humane Society again.

Just as I was walking in, an attendant was taking Athena outside.  She was a beautiful dog, but confined to a cone and hopping along, dragging her poor broken leg behind her.  I asked the attendant to tell me more about Athena and Athena's friend Maizy was mentioned.  Something clicked in my mind.

Maizy... I remembered looking on Petfinder a while ago and seeing her listing, remembering how adorable she was.  For some reason I thought that she had been adopted out.  I asked if they still had Maizy and when the attended gave me a positive response, I asked to see her.

The attendant put Maizy and I in the bonding room and I fell in love this this girl.  She was calm, beautiful and so sweet, and the perfect size, a terrier mix.  I asked all sorts of questions and then brought Opie in to meet her.  Opie and Maizy sniffed each other for a while and there was no growling, no freaking out... I was determined to have her.

Like Athena, Maizy is a special needs dog.  This is her listing (click on it to make it readable):

I pick up Maizy at 3:30 today and Kristen is going to come with me.  I am so excited for Maizy to join my family and to give her some love as she gets treated and heals.  I know she will be a great addition and will fit right in.

I will update soon as Maizy adjusts to her new home and new family.

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