Friday, February 15, 2013 -- maizy *update*

I picked Maizy up on Wednesday and she has just been a joy to have.  Much to my shame, Maizy is much better behaved that Opie... It's a good thing, but all of a sudden my boy has become quite annoying.  Maybe Maizy will rub off on her.

Her first nickname is "MooMoo" since she is black and white like a cow.  She is such a gentle creature and I have yet to hear her make a peep.  She is great on a leash so I don't have to buy one of those special harnesses that I had to for Opie.  She is just down right perfect.  Maizy completes my family.  For now.

The big UPDATE for today is that... (drum roll) ...


We just had a vet appointment today where she was poked and prodded.  She got a couple vaccinations as well and her first heartworm prevention since being heartworm positive.  In a few more months, Maizy will have one more test to confirm that she is good to go, then she will be spayed and then she will be mine.

Props to Wood County Humane Society and Jones Veterinary Hospital.  They do such good work!

Maizy has had a rough morning, so she's napping now.  I wish I could join her but I have a LONG day ahead of me.

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